Love taking pictures


About me

My name is Kristin Jona...

and I come from Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland but now live in Marnardal in South Norway.

I have been taking pictures since 2007, and it quickly became my passion.

I like to take pictures of almost everything and I can't just choose one, so I take: portrait, flowers, landscape, macro etc.

I also love to take photos and work with them in On1 photo raw and add textures and manipulate it a bit and then I add it to my small digital photo shop here at www.mirra.no

I love taking pictures with my Lensbaby objects that makes the pictures a little more arty.

Online Shop

With digital photos that is perfect on your wall

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My Portfolio

Photos with passion and expertise.

Welcome to MIRRAPIX, where you can explore a small sample of my portfolio showcasing my passion for photography. Here, you'll find a mix of photos that are not for sale, capturing moments that hold a special place in my heart, alongside some of my prized photos available for purchase. Take a glimpse into my world, where each frame tells a unique story waiting to be shared and cherished.

Me on Redbubble

I also have some products on Redbubble

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