About me

My name is Kristin Jona and I come from Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland but now live in Marnardal in South Norway.

I have been taking pictures since 2007, and it quickly became my passion.

I like to take pictures of almost everything and I can't just choose one, so I take: portrait, flowers, landscape, macro etc.

I also love to take photos and work with them in On1 photo raw and add textures and manipulate it a bit and then I add it to my small digital photo shop here at www.mirra.no

I love taking pictures with my Lensbaby objects that makes the pictures a little more arty.

For a few years I did run a photography studio in Mandal which is the town I lived in before I moved to Marnardal and then I moved the studio here at home but in 2023 I did shut it down for good and I don't take pictures for customer any longer, just for me and for fun. But I decided to put some of my favorite photos for sale and therefore I made this little digital photoshop so you can buy a digital photo from me and print it wherever you want in whatever format you choose.


If you would like to see more photos from me, then just feel free to follow me on Instagram

because I put so much more photos there than I put here on my webpage for sale.